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The P18R WORK torches have proved very popular with officers. They are robust, easy to use and give out an amazing field of illumination. They are the ideal tool to assist when searching buildings or large areas.

Graham Pinney - Dorset Police

As a paramedic, I can't stress enough how important reliable equipment is during an emergency medical response. The P7R CORE has become an integral part of my kit and has been perfect for me when assessing patients in dimly lit environments or at accident scenes.

Adam Bailey - South Central Ambulance Service

I'm a Search Technician within the Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue team. I love the H8R for its bright and consistent light pattern and focusable beam which illuminates my search area beautifully. The removable 18650 Li-ion battery allows me to switch in a fresh battery from my FLEX7 powerbank on longer searches.

Patrick Kerry - Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue


They play a pivotal role by providing powerful and focused illumination in challenging environments. Our piercing beams can cut through darkness, dense foliage, or adverse weather conditions, greatly enhancing the chances of successful rescue operations.

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Area Flood Lights

The use of Ledlenser flood lights, such as the IF8R, has become a game-changer for the UK emergency services. These robust and high-intensity flood lights are a versatile asset, capable of illuminating large areas with an incredibly bright and uniform beam.

They provide much-needed visibility for accident scenes, during night time operations, or in disaster-stricken areas. Its portability and adjustability make it an invaluable tool for emergency responders.

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Designed specifically for contact with explosive gases, vapours and dust in the best possible groups IIC and IIIC. Our range features maximum dust protection, protected from water and are ATEX / IECEx Certified and DIN 14649 compliant.

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Head Torches

Our head torches provide both powerful and adjustable beams that can be directed precisely where needed. The hands-free convenience is especially crucial in scenarios where responders need both hands for tasks such as patient care, rescue operations, or securing borders. Designed for comfort and durability, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of duty while providing reliable, brilliant light.

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