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Service & Warranty

Ledlenser products have an industry leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing, extended up to 7 years with registration of certain products. Most of our lights have a standard warranty period of 2 years which can be extended by a further 5 years with online registration. This warranty does not apply to all products which include but not exclusive to, our K Series (keyring lights), Lite Wallet, Solidline, TFX and accessories including spare parts and our batteries. Please read the full information provided on product pages for details on warranty time specific to that product*.

To register your Ledlenser product and qualify for the extended 5 year warranty (7 years total):

  1. You must have the Warranty card from within your model box, purchased within the last 12 weeks.
  2. Visit our German website and complete the Warranty Registration .
  3. The ‘submit warranty registration’ button needs to be clicked for the details to be submitted and the registration be complete.


Conditions of Warranty

  • You are the original owner of the torch, head torch, area or spot light
  • The product was purchased from an authorised Ledlenser reseller and you can show proof of purchase if requested
  • The product is within the warranty period (see above) and meets the warranty criteria below
  • The product is genuine Ledlenser as determined by its unique serial number (email the serial number on your light to authenticate)

What is covered?

  • Manufacturing faults or defects

What is not covered?

  • General wear and tear
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Unauthorised and/or unreasonable use
  • Alterations
  • Pouches/cases, headbands and accessories including charging cables, engraving or colour finishes
  • Declining rechargeable battery performance that has occurred over time (2yrs max)
  • Issues caused by leaking batteries

Making a warranty claim for your Ledlenser

Option 1: Purchased within last 30 days - Take it back to the retailer

If your Ledlenser light is faulty and you have purchased it within the last 30 days,  you must return it to the store or online retailer you purchased it from. If you purchased it from this website, please contact us regarding any faults before making a return. Before making any unnecessary trip a store please phone ahead and double check their returns procedure.

Option 2: Purchased over 30 days ago and your light is registered for warranty

Once you are confident that your Ledlenser qualifies for a claim under the warranty time frame and conditions above, you can contact us to make a warranty claim where we will seek provide replacement parts or replace your light unit. Please submit a request here  to begin the warranty claim process. A member of our team will then contact you regarding your warranty status and next steps. Our Ledlenser manufacturer’s warranty may require the faulty product to be returned to us. The cost of the return shall be at the customer’s expense with the repaired or replaced product sent out free of charge.

Maintenance Tips

Ledlenser products have an industry-leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing of the lights themselves only. The time periods for the warranty are below.

Storing Rechargeable Models

Rechargeable Ledlenser headlamps and torches should be stored with at least 40-60% charge. When storing for long periods, they should be recharged at least once every 3 months. This will assist with prolonging the life and performance of the batteries.

Storing Non-Rechargeable Models

When storing headlamps and torches for extended periods, we recommend that the batteries are removed to prevent damage caused by leaking batteries.

Cleaning your Ledlenser

For cleaning, please use a dry, lint-free, clean cloth. If salt water is spilled on the lamp, it must be removed entirely and immediately with such a cloth.

Choose your Battery Wisely

We highly recommend using only high quality batteries manufactured by well-known global brands. Ledlenser products have a high output, and therefore require quality batteries to function properly.

*Warranty period for online registration is seven years, otherwise two years. The warranty is valid worldwide and in addition to the legal warranty rights. It extends to material defects and processing errors. We grant a deviating warranty period of 24 months for the perfect function of batteries. Excluded from the warranty are the products of the "Solidline", the Lite Wallet ®, the Powercase, Ledlenser K-Series (except K3), accessories as well as defects of batteries, holsters, bags, remote switches, colour filters, embossing and surface coatings.
Guarantor is:
Ledlenser GmbH & Co.KG
Kronenstr. 5-7

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