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Best Tactical Head torches in the UK

Since military head torches are used in harsh and extreme situations, they might be strong, durable, and multi-functional. Ledlenser got you covered.

  • Convenience. Our head torches are designed to be versatile, compact and easy to use. Aside from it allowing soldiers for hand-free lighting, so they can carry weapons freely, the materials are lightweight, perfect for any length of time. Plus, it has a removable feature where you can simply remove and clip it into your gear or backpack.
  • Brightness. It’s important that you always have the option to regulate your torch’s brightness when out in the field: sometimes you might set it on a low power mode to hide or on full power to illuminate the area. Whatever the case, Ledlenser tactical head torches offer different levels of brightness- a thing you might consider when buying head torches.
  • Water-resistance level. Rain or shine, if you’re a soldier, you need a head torch that can withstand the elements. But opting for a head torch that can survive a full dunk in the lake or river is a great choice. Pick the one with a higher IP rating.
  • Rechargeable. One of the great features of our head torch is the charging capability. When fully charged and used in low power mode, it can last up to 120 hours of use.
  • Multi-functional. We’ve powered you with our head torches that have light-coloured options. Red lights are specially built for combat soldiers but they can be used by others who spend most of their activities in field or terrain situations like hikers, hunters, or campers.

Looking for a head torch for your next training or any outdoor activities? We love to show you our Work and Signature Series Headlamps collection that will bring light to your night.