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Tactical military head torches

Whether you need a set of bright head torches for your division or you want a strong professional level lighting device for personal use - our military head torches would ideally fit with your requirements.

The head torches offer several power modes, long battery run time, a variety of light functions for signalling and position marking purposes and many other features that make a perfect functional military lighting gadget. The products, depending on the model, are assigned various IP classes, that indicate to what extent the device is protected from water and dust. So if your scenario of intended use includes harsh weather, sand storms or working near an open source of water, you can find a military head torch that will withstand the challenge.

Built for unforgiving environments

Crafted from durable, composite materials, our range of military head torches are made to work in the roughest environments. Not only are the housings, straps and other physical components manufactured to precision, but the various lighting, charging and smart technologies installed on your military head torch will keep you safe in the field.

We have supplied military personnel around the world with our premium, durable military head torches, and are proud to create products that service members around the world rely on. Why don’t you see what buyers of our military head torches have to say about our range?

Free shipping on orders over £75

Browse our selection of military head torches and enjoy free shipping on all orders over £75 in UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Our products come with a seven-year warranty – a true testament to our confidence in our design and manufacturing.

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What type of head torches does the military use?

There isn’t a one size fits all for head torches, since militaries around the world operate in different environmental conditions. However, our range of military head torches are robustly built, have multiple charging options, multiple lighting options and some can even be controlled through Bluetooth. The H7R Signature Rechargeable Torch has custom light settings and functions that can be accessed through the Ledlenser Connect App.

How bright are military head torches?

Our range of military head torches have anything in the range of 200 - 1200 lumens. It depends on your needs, the type of environment you’ll be operating in and what you expect to be doing.

Some of our head torches are detachable from the strap, meaning you can carry a small flashlight in your hand that can easily reconnect to the strap when you want it to.

What is the most military head lamp?

The H7R Signature Rechargeable Torch is our most powerful military head torch, it provides up to 1200 lumens of light in its boost mode.

How sustainable are your products?

We carefully craft top-quality, durable head torches with assurances up to 7 years, decreasing waste. Longevity is engineered into our items so you can utilise them longer without frequent substitution.

We believe that extending a product's life cycle is more environmentally friendly than disposal and a fresh purchase. That’s why we provide replacement components, helping your wallet and the planet alike.

Our sustainability pledge reaches beyond torches. Our FLEX Portable Power Banks have simply swappable lithium-ion cells, vastly prolonging their lifespan unlike versions with non-swappable batteries.

We continually investigate the most recent advancements to keep elevating our products' sustainability.

Do you have a buy now, pay later option?

Yes, you can buy now and pay later with Ledlenser. We collaborate with payments firm Klarna to offer this service, and if you pay within 30 days of purchasing your product, you won’t pay a penny more than the listed price for the product.

When you get to the checkout with your head torch, select Klarna, and choose your payment option from the list.

What is your returns policy, and how do I return faulty products?


To return your fishing head torch, please make sure it is in its original condition, original packaging and with its original tags. If your item is faulty or damaged in any way, we reserve the right to refuse a refund.


If you wish to exchange your purchase for a different product, please specify your desired item on the returns form. Once we’ve received the item you’re returning, please allow up to 10 business days for us to process your exchange request, followed by an additional 3-5 business days for delivery. If the new product's value is different from your original purchase, we will reach out to you to coordinate the payment or refund for the price difference.

Faulty returns

We strive to manufacture perfect products with no defects. However, if you receive damaged or faulty products from us, we will make every effort to correct this. Follow the instructions in this link to make a warranty claim for a faulty product.

For our complete returns policy, please consult our returns page, or contact our team for assistance at