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Top Quality Fishing Torches in Australia

Our collection of night fishing torches combines our knowledge of activity-specific torch characteristic needs, integration of technologically advanced features and outstanding German quality.

We have listed a few points that can help you navigate our collection and select what works best for you:

  • Light Output. Fishing in the dark in the wilderness might be a challenging leisure activity. Many things need to be considered during preparation, one of them being how well lit you need the area to be. We provide a variety of options to meet your light output requirements - you can go as high as 4500 lumens on the built-in power mode of our fishing head torches. Whether you’re fishing in a dense area with no artificial and natural lighting or in a more or less well-lit place - you can choose a perfect torch to meet your needs.
  • Light Colour. When out in the wilderness, it’s not only you who is impacted by the light but also fish and animals. Some kind of light might attract fish, while some might actually scare them away, and the same goes for animals. That’s why we offer a variety of light colour options in our fishing flashlights. We have flashlights with white, red and RGB light colours available - choose one that works best for you depending on the circumstances your fishing session might include.
  • Water Resistance. If you’re afraid of accidentally splashing water on your torch or even dropping it into the water - we’ve got you covered. Our range of the best torches for fishing has certain levels of water resistance, depending on their assigned IP class. For example, while some of our fishing torches would be fine after getting a little bit of water splashed on them, some can be immersed up to a few meters deep into the water.

For more options that might come in handy during your fishing adventures, explore our Sports Flashlights and Outdoor Flashlights collections.

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