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SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch

SKU: 6107RB

£42.95 £89.95


The SEO7R is a classic rechargeable headlamp perfect for uses from work to home and everywhere in between. Stash it in your glove compartment or even your home preparedness kit. The SEO7R offers 220 lumens of bright white light, with a strong beam distance of 130 metres. It features Ledlenser patented Advanced Focus System, which allows you to transition light from a broad flood beam to a sharply focused long-distance beam to shine light where you need it the most. The SEO7R also features a red light to preserve night vision. Dual Power Source technology makes the SEO7R even more powerful - use the included rechargeable batteries and pack a spare because this headlamp also takes conventional alkaline batteries. View Full Product Details Here
  • Luminocity
    220 lm
    20 lm
  • Range
    130 m
    40 m
  • Battery
    5 h
    20 h


  • LED Configuration 1 x CREE Power LED
  • Luminosity1 MAX 220 lm - MIN 20 lm
  • Lighting Range1 MAX 130 m - MIN 40 m
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 20 h - MIN 5 h
  • Color Temperature 6000 K to 8000 K
  • 6000


  • Light Functions

    • Low Power 20 lumens, 40 meters for 20 hrs
    • Standard Power 220 lumens, 130 meters for 5 hrs
  • Switches

    • Front Switch on the headlamp that allows you to use one hand
  • Rechargeable

    Did you know that conventional, disposable batteries can require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release? By opting for rechargeable batteries, not only are you saving money in the long-run by reusing the same batteries, but you’re no longer throwing disposables away, which is a plus for Mother Earth.

  • Special functions

    • Transportation Lock - prevents the light from being turned on inadvertently
    • Dimmable - seamless adjustment of the luminosity
    • Red Reading LED Light
  • IP Class

    • IP56 - Protection against dust and water projected in powerful jets

Height and Weight

  • Head Diameter 29 mm
  • Weight 93 g

Battery and Casing

  • Battery 1 x Polymer 3.7V
  • Battery Capacity2 3.26 Wh
  • Water Resistance IPX6
  • Rechargeable Yes
  • Energy Management

    • Low Battery Warning when the battery is low
    • Charge Indicator shows the current charge status of the battery
SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch

£42.95 £89.95

Ledlenser SEO7R Rechargeable Head Torch


The SEO7R has everything that you could wish for in a modern head torch. It boasts up to 220 lumens of light power with a 130 meter lighting range. Optisense technology provides a dimming function for automatic adjustment to the lighting conditions. It can also run on rechargeable or normal AAA batteries, and has an automatic power-off function for when the energy source has been used up.


  • Low Power 20 lumens, 40 meters for 20 hrs
  • Standard Power 220 lumens, 130 meters for 5 hrs


  • Front Switch - a switch on the head of the torch so you can use one hand
  • Transportation Lock - prevents the light from being turned on inadvertently
  • Dimmable - seamless adjustment of the luminosity
  • Red Reading LED Light
  • Advanced Focus System - allows a seamless transition from homogeneous low beam to sharply focused high beam
  • Optisense Technology - automatically adapt to the surrounding light conditions
  • Rapid Focus - a single-hand mechanism that allows the light beam to be adjusted as fast as lightning
  • Smart Light Technology - allows individual ranges of functions to be programmed to different touch and switch combinations
  • Temperature Control System - protects you from burns and the LED from overheating
  • Dual Power Source - the rechargeable Ledlenser battery or 3 x AAA alkaline batteries can be used
  • IP Class - IP56, protection against water projected in powerful jets
  • Low Battery Warning - it warns you when the battery is low
  • Charge Indicator - it shows the current charge status of the battery


  • Weight: 93g
  • Light housing diameter: 29mm
  • Head movement angle: 42°
  • Battery capacity: 880mAh
  • Time to full charge: 240 minutes
  • Drop test: 1.5 meters
  • IP Class: IPX6
  • Working temp range: -20 to +40
  • No. of LEDs: 1 Power LED
  • LED colour: White
  • Colour temp: 6000k to 8000k
  • Colour rendering index: 70


  • 1 x Li-ion Battery Pack
  • USB charging cable


Standard warranty period of 2 years which can be extended by a further 5 years with online registration. An industry leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing, up to 7 years. Be confident that we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products.



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