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Torch Mount Adaptor Type A

SKU: 502248


P2R Core, P2R Work, P4R Core, P4R Work

The Ledlenser Lamp Adapter enables Ledlenser flashlights to connect into the Ledlenser Connecting System. The Lamp Adapter is required to link your Ledlenser flashlight to any number of accessories that use the Ledlenser Connecting System. These include belt clips, various helmet holders and the flexible mount. Compatible with Ledlenser flashlight models: P2R Core, P2R Work, P4R Core, P4R Work View Full Product Details Here
Torch Mount Adaptor Type A


Ledlenser Torch Mount Adaptor Type A

This handy adaptor enables the docking of Ledlenser torches to the versatile Ledlenser Connecting System. The adaptor is clipped onto the body of the torch.

Thanks to the integrated carriage, the torch is now compatible with various additional accessories, e.g. the Belt Clip, various helmet holders, or the Flexible Mount.


  • P2R Core
  • P2R Work
  • P4R Core
  • P4R Work


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