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Belt Clip Type A

SKU: 502253


H-Series, P-Series

Enables Ledlenser torches or headlamp battery packs to be connected to a belt. Enables lighting sources to be rotated 360 degrees while hands remain free. Compatible Ledlenser torches require a Lamp Adaptor (sold separately). See full product details for list of compatible models. View Full Product Details Here
Belt Clip Type A


Ledlenser Belt Clip Type A

With this practical belt clip, many Ledlenser torches or batteries can easily be attached to the belt thanks to the Ledlenser Connecting System. The torch can be rotated through 360° in the robust fixation and thus becomes a flexible light source, while hands and head remain free.

Compatible Ledlenser torches additionally require the respective Torch Mount Adaptor to use the system, sold separately.


  • H5 Core
  • H5R Core
  • H5R Work
  • H7R Signature
  • H7R Work
  • H7R Core
  • H15R Core
  • H15R Work
  • H19R Core
  • H19R Signature
  • P2R Core
  • P2R Work
  • P4R Core
  • P4R Work
  • P5 Core
  • P5R Core
  • P5R Work
  • P6R Core
  • P6R Core QC
  • P6R Signature
  • P6R Work
  • P7R Core
  • P7R Signature
  • P7R Work


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