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Pro Team Member Jan Fitschen

At the end of his professional career, long-distance runner Jan Fitschen switched from the stadium floodlight to a Ledlenser headlamp without hesitation.

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Pro Team Member Florian Neuschwander

Those who are on the go for an extremely long time and deep into the night need a light with extremely long battery duration. Ultra runner Florian Neuschwander also knows that.

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Pro Team Member Tobias Woggon

Tobias Woggon is one of the biggest players on the mountain bike scene – and also gives a special place to our products in his spectacular travel reports.

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Pro Team Member Darren Berrecloth

Someone who is known as “the claw” in the freeriding scene is of course not scared of the dark. But just in case, mountain bike legend Darren Berrecloth always has his Ledlenser with him.

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Pro Team Member Julia Hofmann

The talented German mountain biker is exploring the world by bicycle. Always on her head or attached to the handlebars - a Ledlenser.

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Pro Team Member Eric Hjorleifson

Freerider Eric Hjorleifson’s journeys through deep snow at night are just as action-packed as those during the day. His secret - our headlamps.

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Pro Team Member Christian Schiester

Adventurer Christian Schiester traverses deserts, jungles and even the Antarctic. It’s good that in the most inhospitable regions of the world he can always rely on his Ledlenser.

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Pro Team Member Silvia Furtwängler

If you travel hundreds of kilometers through the icy cold, your equipment must be able to cope with all challenges. That’s why musher Silvia Furtwängler trusts Ledlenser.

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Pro Team Member Maddie Brenneman

Each and every day Maddie Brenneman introduces people to the secrets of fly fishing on the Colorado River with plenty of talent and even more skill. Thanks to her Ledlenser she is also able to safely return them home at night.

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