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Endless Summer Nights

Endless summer nights are associated with freedom – when spontaneity increases and rules are relaxed. A sense of possibility hangs in the air, fueling a sense of wanderlust and igniting imaginations and you embark on impromptu adventures.

Explore how you can extend your summer activities well into the night with Ledlenser.

On the Trail

Hiking & Mountaineering

Enjoy night-time hiking or mountaineering with a Ledlenser headlamp to light up the trail.

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Running & Trail running

Prefer to run in the early morning or after sunset when the air is cooler? No problem. Grab your Ledlenser NEO headlamp and clock those miles.

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MTB night rides

Enjoy the thrill of night-time mountain biking through the forest guided by the bright beam of your Ledlenser headlamp.

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Around the Campsite


Make sure you're well prepared for your caravanning road trip: a Ledenser flashlight and headlamp are great travel companions.

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Every campsite should have a Ledlenser for those late night campfire conversations or star gazing adventures.

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On the Water


Enjoy night-time paddling on calm waters under the moonlight assisted by a Ledlenser headlamp.

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Fish are most likely to bite within an hour of sunrise and an hour after sunset. Grab a Ledlenser portable light and get the rods ready!

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At Home


Light up your garden BBQ with a Ledlenser lantern and keep the party going long into the night (or early morning!)

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Take your best buddy out for a late night walk around the park or neighbourhood.

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