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Top-quality mining head torches in the UK

Since coal miner's head torches have to endure daily use under extremely harsh conditions, they must be extra durable and strong. These are some of the reasons why Ledlenser torches are the ideal choice for this job:

  • Rechargeability. The ability to charge your head torch is essential for your convenience and safety while mining. All of our underground mining head lamps are rechargeable and are able to be used for the longest periods once charged.
  • Brightness. You must always have the option to regulate your flashlight’s brightness when working in the mine: most of our LED miner head torches feature adjustable brightness settings, so you can choose the one that's right for you. We have flashlights that can put out up to 4500 lumens of light, so even in total darkness, the light will be as bright and clear as on a sunny day.
  • Various light functions. With our coal miner head torches, you will have a wide variety of emergency functions, including boost, S.O.S., strobe and more, to ensure you are always able to signal with your torch.
  • Convenience. Lightweight and compact, our torches allow you to carry them easily with you even during an extra-long work shift.
  • Long-lasting battery. With our coal miner head torches, you'll never have to worry about your flashlight running out of power mid-shift: they're designed to last up to 192 hours when used in low-power mode - no chance that it will fail you at work.
  • IP class. A mining head torches must be completely sealed to prevent explosions. We have a variety of head torches with different IP classes, but all of them are water and dust-resistant.

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