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Above and Beyond for Top Quality

Construction sites are the kind of places, where general safety and smooth work process are of extreme importance, and reliable construction head torches are one of the factors contributing to that. At Ledlenser, we understand the importance of taking into account the specifics of the fields, for which we design our head torches, and tailoring our products’ features around these needs. That’s why our collection of construction head torches are one of the best head torches for construction on the market.

Here are a few points about our construction head torches to help you guide through our range of products:

  • Compact and comfortable. Our head torches are generally lightweight, compact, and come in more or less the same kind of design and size options. However, there are still slight differences in terms of the strap width and diameter, battery placement and overall weight of the head torches. So to make sure, that the torch sits on your head comfortably and is convenient to work in, we suggest you take these features into account.
  • Light colour options. Our construction head torches have a variety of colours (white, red, RGB) built in to help you adjust to a variety of work scenarios, as some light colours are a better fit to illuminate the area, when it’s raining or foggy, or if there’s smoke.
  • Battery options. We have both rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery options, and choosing one or the other is only a preference based on the working conditions - either one of the options doesn’t have any impact on the quality of the gadgets. Some prefer having rechargeable batteries, as there can be a situation where new batteries are not available, while some people would rather have non-rechargeable ones, as sometimes swapping batteries is easier than finding a place to recharge them. Choose the head torches battery type that fits your construction work scenario best.
  • Advanced focus system. Some of the construction head torches in our collection have the adjustable focus option - you can choose whether you need a focused light to see something in detail or you need a flood beam to illuminate the surrounding area.
  • Adjustable light. Our head torches do not only have an option to be switched between different power modes and light functions - some of the models automatically adjust the light output depending on light conditions around you. It’s a perfect option for those, who do not always have an opportunity to reach the switch on their head torches during work.

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