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High-Quality Camping Head Torches

Head torches combine the light output of flashlights with extremely easy and convenient no-hand required use, and in the case of Ledlenser, top-notch German quality and latest technological advancements are a part of the perfect camping head torch mix.

Here are a few points to consider when picking your perfect camping head torch:

  • Brightness. There is no rule that states how much of a light output your head torch should be producing for an activity like camping. We provide a wide range of options as bright as 1000 lumens on power mode, depending on the product model. How bright you need your camping head torch is all about how you choose to camp - more bright if it’s a trip that includes walking during nighttime and being in the wilderness, less bright if it’s spending time by the fire.
  • Light Colour. The best way to make sure you have your surroundings lit whenever you need is to take into account the light colour option in the head torches available in some of our products. Depending on different weather conditions and your camping scenarios, you might want to check out our models with not only white but also red and RGB colours available.
  • Ease of use. Our camping head torch are compact and lightweight. They’re your best bet if you want to be able to move freely in the camping area without having to carry around a torch with you all the time. An important note here is that while our products are generally lightweight and compact, there are still differences to consider. Not only do the products vary a little in terms of weight and sizes, but there are also things like strap width, battery-pack placement etc, which need to be taken into account for the most convenient wear and use.
  • IP class. IP class of our products define the extent to which the head torch are protected from external damage factors such as dust and water. Depending on what kind of activities your camping includes and in what kind of place it takes place, you can choose a camping head torch with a perfect IP class to make sure your gadget is well protected and will serve you for the longest time.

For more products that also might be suitable for camping purposes, check out our Sports Head Lamps and Signature Series Head Lamp collections.

Shopping Is Better With Ledlenser

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a head torch for camping?

Yes, a head torch is an essential lighting source for camping, not only will it light your campsite effectively and provide light for inside your tent all while keeping your hands-free. Avid campers will opt for head torch as it allows you to cook, read, and do other activities with your hands.

The best camping head torch from Ledlenser are the MH and SEO ranges, and the H5 Core.

What is the best camping head torch?

The best camping head torch is the Ledlenser MH5, it is rechargeable, lightweight and user friendly, including all functions for general use around a campsite.

How many lumens do I need for a camping head torch?

Any good head torch for camping will be 300 lumens and above, this will be sufficient for lighting a campsite or tent and allowing you to see everything you need after dark.

Is 100 lumens head torch enough for camping?

Yes, 100 lumens would be acceptable for camping, however, most people prefer more lumens to take camping. Typically 300 lumens and above is preferred.

How much does a head torch cost for camping?

The cost of a led head torch for camping will vary depending on features and benefits. If you are looking for a top of the range head torch with all the potential features pricing will increase however a good camping head torch of 300 lumens can be quite reasonable in price.